Mumbai Football Association’s Game-Changing Partnership with Sports Core: Expanding Infrastructure and Audience Capacity

In a monumental stride towards redefining the football landscape in Mumbai, the Mumbai Football Association (MFA) has teamed up with Sports Core to undertake an infrastructure expansion project at the Neville D’Souza Football Turf. This ambitious project involves the installation of audience stands, set to accommodate a substantial crowd of 800 to 1000 spectators, substantially boosting the viewing experience for fans.

The decision to embark on this project comes in response to MFA’s pressing need for infrastructural development. As the demand for a better football environment continues to grow, these new audience stands will serve as a critical step in addressing these requirements. This venture aims to ensure that players, fans, and stakeholders have access to basic facilities that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Scheduled to commence in November 2023, the project involves the construction of a total of eight stands at the Neville D’Souza Football Turf, out of which, the installation of four stands will begin in the month of November. In addition to providing comfortable seating for spectators, these stands offer an exciting dimension for in-stadia advertisement and promotional activities.

However, the project’s primary objective goes beyond infrastructure – it aims to unleash and significantly amplify the marketing capabilities of the Mumbai Football Association. By creating new avenues for teams and stakeholders to promote their ideas, vision, and identity, the MFA seeks to foster a dynamic marketing environment that benefits everyone involved.

This partnership between MFA and Sports Core is poised to revolutionize Mumbai’s football scene, offering an immersive and engaging football experience for fans and groundbreaking marketing opportunities for sponsors and partners. Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to bring this vision to life and usher in a new era of football in Mumbai.

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