Mumbai Strikers-Palkaya (B) score late to grab all three points

Mumbai Strikers-Palkaya(B) beat Tipu Sultan(G.Ath) by 1-0 in their Mumbai Football Association, Second Division, Group F match held on Tuesday, 22nd February 2022.

After the scorers were 0-0 at the break both teams had the chance to win it in the second half.

The winner came six minutes from the time when Sambhav Seth scored for Mumbai Strikers-Palkaya (B). A 1-0 lead with few minutes to go and the opposite team had very less time to bounce back.

Mumbai Strikers-Palkaya (B) thus scoring when it mattered wrapping up all three points.

FT: Tipu Sultan(G.Ath) 0-1 Mumbai Strikers-Palkaya (B)

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